Final Exam

Project 2 revised

language-project revision

Toulmin Argument: Project 3

Claim: Low-income parents should get involved with their children’s school activities or read with them to improve their literacy.

Evidence: If a person can read high then a 5th grade level the person is consider to be literate. And parents are suggested to help their children between kindergarten to 5th grade. Parents that initially didn’t getting involved and later did, the children’s literacy improved.

Warrant: If a person has to read higher than a 5th grade level, and between kindergarten to 5th grade is the best time to help a child with literacy. Therefore I connected both of these ideas. If more low-income parents can get involved then the rate of illiterate adults goes down.

Backing: I used myself as an example, because I have low-income parents. And because they both had full time jobs they didn’t have time to help me. But when I was in 3rd grade my mother put me in an after school program. Even though she wasn’t the one helping me, she got me help when I was in-between kindergarten to 5th grade.

Rhetorical Analysis: Project 3

Ethos: To low-income parents that have children, who are having trouble with literacy.

Pathos: I used the 40 to 44 million of adults that are functionally illiterate in the United States to show parents that there are a lot of people that are functionally illiterate. And to put some fear into the parents and hopefully they will help their children. And I used myself as an example, because I didn’t get help from my parents. They were too busy, so they went to go look for help. And this made feel sad that my parents couldn’t help me.

Logos: There about 40 to 44 million of adults that are functionally illiterate. The best time to help a child with literacy is between kindergarten and 5th grade. Parents are recommended to read with their children for about 20 minutes a day to improve the children’s literacy.

Using my key term: Project 1

Exaggeration: Two time I was exaggerating, first walking through the halls feel like freedom. There is no feeling of freedom in high school. I wasn’t able to do whatever I wanted, but I was able to do more thing then the other kids that weren’t in 12th grade. The second is when I was talking about hurricane sandy made me go to sleep early. Even though I seriously can’t see in the dark, I could have talked with my parents or my sisters.

Aporia: When I couldn’t make my decision on what was going to be my major, or where I was going to go to college.

Diction: I chose to tell a story. So I used words that someone would use to talk to a friend.

Audience: This was for my professor. But this can also be for every high school senior that is struggle to decide what to do, and people who think being a senior isn’t always fun.

Design: The story is told in chronicle order of my high school experience.

Peer Review Work

One thing I found helpful is the peer review work. Not because people gave my feedback that will help. But knowing that someone these is reading my work and is giving me feedback right away, makes me want to improve my work. And also makes me look at my work hard, because I mostly got great job, and I knew that were a couple of mistakes. So I would go back and find some mistakes. For example in my second draft  for the third project my partner told me that everything was right. And when I went to read my paper there were a couple of miss spelled words, and some sentences didn’t make sense.

Bonus Reflection

Discuss specific ways that you feel the study of rhetoric has or will prevent you from being bamboozled by the words, images and texts of others.  What has the study of rhetoric enabled you to do that you could not do before?

The rhetoric method has made me more aware of what I’m writing has an audience. And I have to respect my audience by making sense and making sure I have purpose. When I usually writing I continue writing until I feel like everything is making sense. I usually sit on a computer and writing then read over it maybe three times. Now I write, then read over the writing two time, then I think about purpose, audience, media, design, and stance. The rhetoric is a great way when analyzing an image or video, and this method is something that I will use in the future. The rhetoric has made me able to write more than I thought I could. Rhetoric makes my think more, which is why I’m able to write more.